Cellulite treatments can provide added help with trouble spots that resist normal exercise and fitness regimens. At AVAmedica Organic Rejuvenation & Aesthetic Center, we can help you reduce the signs of cellulite to create a smoother, shapelier figure. This can give you added confidence at work, at home and in social situations. Our talented aestheticians can help you achieve victory over cellulite with the most advanced treatments on the market today.

What Is Cellulite, Anyway?

Cellulite is a type of fat deposit that forms oddly shaped lumps and bumps just under the skin. Exercise and diet generally has no effect on these deposits and may even make them more prominent as other fat melts away. Cellulite affects about 90 percent of women and 10 percent of men. Many medical experts believe that genetics and hormonal issues may play a contributing role in increasing the likelihood of cellulite deposits.

Do Creams and Topical Treatments Work to Reduce Cellulite?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) evaluates medical treatments to determine if the claims made by manufacturers are accurate. To date, no cellulite creams or topical applications have been approved by the FDA. While further study is needed to determine if any of these products work as advertised, anecdotal reports and limited research seems to indicate that cellulite creams have little or no effect on these stubborn fat deposits.

What About Diet and Exercise?

While dieting and working out can reduce the overall levels of fat in your body, they generally have no effect on cellulite deposits. The treatments offered by AVAmedica are proven to reduce the unsightly appearance of cellulite and to restore the youthful look of your skin. When combined with a healthy lifestyle, this can help you feel much more confident in all your daily activities.

What Treatments Are Available from AVAmedica?

The aesthetic experts at our facility can provide several effective treatments to minimize the appearance of cellulite and to provide you with smoother skin. Some of our most popular treatments include the following:

• Sculpsure® body contouring procedures that use the power of laser light to remove fat and cellulite
• Ultherapy® heat-based procedures
• Eclipse MicroPen® dermal microneedling treatments

These procedures have been proven to be safe and effective. By enlisting the help of our professional aestheticians, you can resolve your cellulite problems quickly and to your complete satisfaction. Call us today at 646-588-0888 to set up your initial consultation and to begin your journey to a more beautiful you.