Ultherapy® offers an alternative to surgery for patients suffering from loose or sagging skin. This innovative treatment can tighten skin naturally and keep it looking younger for up to two years, making it a worthwhile investment in a sleeker, more beautiful you. Ultherapy® puts the power of ultrasound to work for you, allowing younger and healthier skin cells to emerge over time. At AVAmedica, we can help you determine the right treatment plan to suit your needs and your goals for your appearance, allowing you to feel more confident and beautiful every day.

How the Ultherapy® System Works

Ultherapy® procedures are designed to stimulate the production of collagen by your own cells. This is accomplished by targeting the foundation layer of your skin with focused bursts of ultrasound energy that heat cells in these areas. Your body naturally responds to the increased heat by generating the production of added collagen over the next weeks and months. This can create greater volume and fullness while enhancing the texture of your skin and the evenness of your complexion.

Immediate and Gradual Changes

While some patients do report immediate improvements in the texture of their skin and added fullness around eyes, cheeks and other problem areas, the most dramatic results typically occur over the course of three to six months after a treatment. This is because Ultherapy® uses your body’s own healing power to stimulate the production of collagen. The applications of ultrasound waves are interpreted by your body’s automatic healing system as a form of injury, which triggers the release of collagen and other healing cells to repair the damage. As top layers of the skin are shed naturally, you can expect to see greater fullness and healthier, more vibrant skin in the treated areas.

What to Expect During Your Ultherapy® Procedure

Most patients do not experience any serious pain during their procedures. If you are uncomfortable, your AVAmedica aesthetician can apply a cooling solution to minimize your discomfort. The procedure typically takes between 15 minutes and two hours depending on the amount of skin to be treated. You can expect the results to last for up to two years after your final treatment.

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