Ultherapy® is a revolutionary skin treatment that tightens skin and stimulates the production of collagen through non-invasive ultrasound waves. The Ultherapy® system has been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and can produce noticeable results for most patients. To date, over 700,000 Ultherapy® treatments have been given worldwide. Ultherapy® enjoys a 95 percent patient satisfaction ranking, making it one of the most praised treatments available on the market today.

How Does the Ultherapy® System Work?

An Ultherapy® treatment uses ultrasound waves to pinpoint areas where improvements are desired. By heating these areas to a precise temperature setting, the Ultherapy® device simulates the conditions associated with a minor injury under the skin. This serves as the impetus for increased production of collagen, one of the healing materials created inside the human body. Collagen also provides structural support for tissues, allowing them to look firmer and more youthful over time.

How Long Do Ultherapy® Treatments Take?

The duration of the treatment will depend on a number of factors, including the size of the area to be treated, the desired results and the condition of the skin and underlying tissue. In general, however, the treatments last between 15 minutes to as long as two hours at a time.

Do Ultherapy® Results Show Up Right Away?

The desired results usually take a few months to become evident. This is because Ultherapy® serves as a catalyst to promote increased collagen production, which does not occur right away. Once the collagen is in place, it must mature and provide support for tissues in the face, neck or other parts of the body. In general, it can take between three and six months to see the full results of the Ultherapy® process.

What Areas Can Be Treated with Ultherapy®?

Almost any part of your face, neck or body can benefit from Ultherapy® treatment. Many patients opt for a non-surgical brow lift or neck lift to smooth away wrinkles and create a younger look. Ultherapy® can also provide added support for tissues in the arms, thighs and abdomen to ensure the sleekest silhouette. Many women elect to treat their décolletage with Ultherapy® to remove wrinkles and restore a more youthful appearance. Wherever patients need a little extra help, Ultherapy® can provide the best possible results without surgery or prolonged recovery periods.

What Can I Expect After Ultherapy® Treatment?

After you undergo Ultherapy® treatment, you can usually go home right away. You may experience a little discomfort or redness after the procedure. This will usually fade in a few hours, allowing you to enjoy all your favorite activities. The results of Ultherapy® may take a few months to become evident and usually last for up to two years after your treatment.

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