Who suffers from cellulite?

Unfortunately, about 90% of all women have various forms of cellulite. It can be mild, moderate or severe. The key is to treat it parly before it gets too late.

Women develop cellulite in all the wrong places and very often feel ashamed of it.

Common sites to develop cellulite is:

  • Buttock
  • Inner thight
  • Under Buttock
  • All over the thighs
  • Outer thighs

Is cellulite embrrassing?

Absolutely yes! It also leads to variety of body insecurities and shame, especially during intimacy period. Women want to feel sexy and the cellulite on the butt is the biggest turn off! Don’t wait for it to get better, because it will not. You need to start treating it as soon as you see it.

Can Cellulite be treated?

Yes, but it is difficult. It requires careful evaluation of skin elasticity and fat content in order to design a successful treatment plan.

Many places, especially salons or questionable medical spa’s offer multiple treatment sessions for a lot of many and they never work. Please save your money and put ot where you know an expert will evaluate you properly and will explain each treatment in detail.

Is there one best cure for cellulite?

Currently there in not a single “Gold Standart” treatment for it, but the knowledge of why and how people develop cellulite definitely helps an expert physician to evaluate and treat accordingly.